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What are the Dangers of Extramarital Affairs?

In a world filled with anxieties and uncertainties, most people have their heads bowed in some scandals that shouldn’t have been linked to their personality, and this has made some homes inhabitable for either of the spouse, or both in a tougher case. Extramarital affair is regarded as sexual intercourse between a married person and someone other than his or her spouse. This is however rampant in today’s marriages, and people occupying delicate positions in the society are not left out in the scandal.

Often times, men are always seen as the culprit, but it has gone beyond a man affair. Some women are fully involved in this without a second thought of the implications attached to it. Some of the reasons mostly attached to extramarital affairs as given by the victims are:

* Lack of love for their spouse

* Dissatisfaction in bed

* Lack of offspring

* social identification

* Vengeance

* Curiosity to try new things

* Financial crisis

* Getting along with a more adventurous    person

* Pursuit of career advancement, and the    list is endless.

 Some people argued that COVETOUSNESS and IMMATURITY are what lead most strayed couples to extramarital affairs, but this is debatable. In cases where we see religious leaders, executives at work, leaders of communities, states, countries romancing extramarital affair as a thing to be celebrated, it’s a sign that no one is above the temptation of going beyond their marital limit. Achievements, position, and personality are vague when extramarital is mentioned, and this simply means, so many authorities have been caught in the act.

Regardless of the enormous reasons attached to extramarital affair, it’s injurious to the emotion and health of those done against, and it is a menace that has the strength to jeopardize a society, because most homes have been shattered through the negligence of the perpetrators, and it has its hand on children affected. It could be lack of DISCPLINE, and unconsciously, it has side effects on their finances, emotions image, children, wives, husbands, jobs, career, and the society at large.

Extramarital affair is a form of getting pleasure in what our eyes see that lasts for a little period of time, but has adverse effect on the entirety of our lives. The vows made on the altar, at the registry, at your inlaws’ house were not just rhymes, but some statements to be adhered to, and if broken has a lot to say about your person

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