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Islam is a religion of peace, so I heard, and so I want to believe, but these dreaded groups which keep regrouping, rebranding, and recruiting all in the name of the religion stirred a great fright in me, and so my thoughts seem confusing. I pray thee, receive sense! I pray thee, wise up and see beyond the minute intention tied to your quest which can be consigned to oblivion for all I care. I waited for some seconds to ruminate over what could be the cause of terrorism, and I couldn’t exhaust the list I thought about, but yet, some accurate delusive visionary quest which is second to none.  Religious, political, citizenry rights, vengeance, country supremacy quests and the likes are not worth the trade of lives and souls to dark worlds, I emphasize.

ISIS ( Islamic State of  Iraq and Syria), also known as ISIL ( Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), is said to be a Sunni Jihadist group with a heinous ideology that claimed to be a caliphate, and exercise religious authority over all muslim. This group is said to have been an ally of AL QAEDA before its fraction was declared.  ISIL is recorded to have been more successful than its fore runner. In the same vein, Bokoharam which is also a Jihadist militant sect which is based in the north eastern Nigeria, and also active in chad, Niger, and nothern Cameroon has also become a threat to some parts of their captured countries, and some herdsmen have recently been linked to be in alliance with the group.

Threading the path of religious arrangement, I believe every supreme being is powerful to fight for himself, and a need for the believers to understand that a wasted effort is being channelled into assisting their God/god in fighting against people who flout the norm and belief of the religion. As much as politics is concerned, terrorism only makes the process difficult for those that once used terrorists to achieve their political status, hence a demand for ransom to free a state or country is demanded by those used. In cases where this is not achieved, the tentacle of terrorism has its wings spread all over such territory in exchange of failed promises by political juggernauts.

Citizenry rights can be achieved by peaceful protests and constructive dialogue,  but in a case where blood is shed to claim rights, it is a planned greed intention blindfolding the sect behind such rights claims.  Karma is the best revenge if you seek vengeance.  There is no reason a whole country or state has to suffer for what some group of people did wrong. In a quest for country supremacy, I have an opinion that no country is supreme in itself. In other words, a country cannot be supreme without the assistance of others. The joint effort of different countries make a country’s vision achievable, so why terrorize?

I see terrorism as a personal quest of wickedness, and evil threat, as well as hooliganism in its advanced realm. Religion, political rifts and all other reasons are not enough to be destructive. If all you wait for Is a million wives reward that will be given to you by your supreme being, then you have set a standard of failure, because greed of sexual pleasure has overshadowed your right to empathize. For those under recruitment, I hope you are ready to kiss peace goodbye, because you have signed a life contract with restlessness. A life that terrorizes doesn’t rest, and this brought me to a conclusion that terrorism is not of this world, but the under world’s, because every sane human wants rest.

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