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Bet whistles, competition at its peak,  a relay at it fastest track, jingling of the bell, and tempest moment. We wouldn’t have started,  but as we did, it brought about the assumptions.

Life has never been fair,  and it can never be fair.  It had been like that from the onset,  so shall it be till man knows that earth is spherical in shape. This spherical like nature brought about the saying; what goes around comes around. We move in circles and so we have not realized that we are dancing to the tune of what made us, how we were made and what comes out of us.

This is earth planet, where some will always be rich without toiling, where some will only get rich while hustling, where some even after the toil will still sleep in the toilet, the set of people that gather the whole baggage and eventually turn to a dumping ground.

This is earth planet,  where some find their lovers at the easiest times and beautiful memories are recorded without breaking the arteries, where some will try different people before getting it right, where some will forever stay single, where some get divorced,  where some turn to gays and lesbians.

This is earth planet,  where social media is now the new means of communication, where letter writing has been pushed to extinction, where technologists are rated than postmasters, where most transactions are done online,  where files suddenly turned to burden,  where new born babies have hand set.

This is earth planet, where discrimination thrives, where apartheid exists,  where the margin between the rich and the poor is longer than the wires that connect electricity,  where the bullies are considered the godfathers, and the bullied are considered the morons, where we have first class, economy and business class in an aeroplane, where some clubs have membership,  where some set wouldn’t dare to step into some clubs, where prostitutes have class.

Welcome to  earth planet,  where Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, where Cain killed his blood brother Abel, where the killings of blood relations is on the increase, where we keep eating the forbidden fruit, where we love to listen to lucifer’s voice than our creator’s voice, where some parts are thrown missile to and it becomes a routine, and above all, where nothing is impossible.

Pluto, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Uranus, Neptune  I have never stepped,  but the list of things that go round and round on earth are enormous and they continue. Infinity has no end,  so old school things will still come as what we refer to as trending. If we had started it well from the garden of Eden, good things would have been what go around, come around,  and the joy of the earth spherical like shape would have been reaped bountifully.

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