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Boko Haram’s Strategy

And when the drum of freedom was beaten, the tail of the viper was stepped upon. It was a sound of joy on the first day of October as Nigerians remembered the day they bid their British colonial masters farewell. Billions was spent, merriment took over, the green and white colours were flying over, but the joy did not last as a dreaded sect put a pin in the eyeballs of some family members in Abuja, the federal capital territory of the country. Death toll and cries could not make the leaders of the country rest following the incident that touched so many kind hearts. The bombings and killing over the years have been the event that got so many writers on their desk with their pen and paper, and it has also awakened panic in the country, as it seems not to be a safe place to reside. 

A new government emerged in 2015, it vowed to save the country from the doom, but has the change been felt? Does it mean that the administration is weak enough? Do we judge in earnest the lack of result on the fight to rupture the insurgency? These are questions Nigerians should ponder upon. 

The displaced victims are in pain, the family members of the dead are in sorrow, the vulnerable are scared, even the men cannot claim that their confidence is in place. Jack says; why are Boko Haram Sect killing people? If I will answer, Boko Haram doesn’t know what it’s fighting for, because no one knows its yearnings. Wickedness I say it is called, when a missile is detonated to end a man’s life, when innocent girls were kidnapped only to be found in a forest called Sambisa, when matchet are used in slaughtering human beings, when some group are victimizing the security put in place by the government, and when a sect makes its leaders seem powerless. 

Boko Haram Sect, if you say to the world what you are fighting for, a better understanding will be given. Negotiating with terrorists is like bowing to the devil and bargaining wrongly, because the devil will never want the best option for man. This is not a fight for another day, but a fight for this day and a time to put ethnicity aside and stand as one to live life to the fullest. 

Boko Haram Sect must go down, and when it goes down, peace will reign, fresh breath will be taken, freedom will be well said to have gained, but until then, corruption will also go down because it is also a Boko Haram sect that is set to make the country lag behind in its quest. 

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