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Ugly Men Desire Beautiful Women Too

It always sounds so interesting when I listen to some qualities most men want to see in women. I have a feeling that women are so close to their screen sitting anxiously to read this little piece put together in the early hours of Tuesday, 7th November, 19:20 hours.

On a beautiful morning, I decided to embark on a journey from Lagos to Ekiti state, and fortunately I boarded a bus filled with relationship intellectual analysis tycoons. As we passed by RCCG camp a little, this unending relationship conversation started amongst three male friends that took the last seat. Though the bus made us a group, but I was a passive member who decided to  stay at her corner and listened to every bit of their conversation.

A man from the last seat was gutted about a post and retorted that he can’t date a slim girl. He said; ” I like fat girls because they can stand the test of sex without their legs shaking for hours”. I smiled within me because I wondered why SEX is the major reason for his attraction to fat ladies. His friend didn’t allow him to stop before he interfered, he said he likes slim ladies because they are better in bed and can be easily maneuvered. Hmmm! I sighed.

As those two kept dragging words with one another, the third friend dropped his own tip of the iceberg, ” no woman can take it from a fair skinned lady”. He prefers fair skinned ladies to dark skinned ladies.  An angry dark skinned lady gave a reply and said; ” continue to follow people that sell fairness, whenever their cream finishes, you will know that black is beautiful”. I laughed silently and my inner comment was; who will she defend if not ladies that have same complexion as hers. Come to think of it, only the fair skinned ones that bleach are mostly affected by cream inaccuracy in most cases.

The most deafening response just came from nowhere but from a passenger seated close to the bus driver.  He said and I quote; “I don’t like ugly ladies o, I love beautiful ladies. If you’re not beautiful, just don’t come near me” Yes! another blockbuster for ugly ladies. I sighed and I started ruminating over his comment, because I knew quite well those words came from a handsome man.

To calm the tension in the bus, an elderly woman intervened, she said; all facial qualities are good, but a woman with no moral has no good place. I looked at the woman, and sincerely, she’s beautiful, so I knew sentiment of tucking morals in wasn’t involved. The men started discussing about the moral aspect, but I was waiting for us to alight from the bus to see the handsome face of the man that detest ugly ladies so much.

When we got to Ekiti, I alighted immediately we got to the park and my first priority, I did. I looked into the man’s face, but all I saw was a victim of pimples, a man I can’t even describe his facial posture, but to keep staring. I was lucky that a cab man called my attention ” aunty, drop” , that was when I woke up to reality. EVEN UGLY MEN DESIRE BEAUTIFUL WOMEN! WHAT DO YOU DESIRE IN WOMEN?

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