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They are figures with virtually all the curves, the artistic work that required a rib for its creation, and the most useful creation in the existence of mankind. They are weak, and their weakness projects their strength, and they exalt in their beauty for the other gender’s admiration. These productive humans are called women, woven and knitted together as the spice needed by every generation.

A woman can be the relief a man seeks or the pain that aches him. Behind a woman that relieves the pain of a man are days of scars covered with makeover, times of tears shed within, perseverance that chokes, and selfless services that count. A woman that aches like pain could have been a product of ill treatment faced while growing up, and her decision could be a choice, but in all aspects, women are the pain bearers for the home.

If I may take you down a research lane, a woman’s comfort is always tampered with, following the homely responsibilities hung around her. Her conception process is not always an easy ride, and the delivery route is often filled with different bumps.  The children are always her baggage to move around with, home keeping is her divine calling, and the assistance pulled through career of her choice contributes to the economy of the home. Women are super humans borne out of multi tasking hole, with or without assistance.

Sometimes, her partner in a relationship and marriage determines her commitment. She needs the real care to function well in her capacity, and this brought the idea of partnership in marriage. People say she loves money, no, she needs care and attention, she wishes to have her necessary items, and she supports whoever she determines to support, and her loyalty remains until her partner reverses his pledge which can however turn her to his worst nightmare.

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