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How Poverty Can Affect Your State of Mind

They are victims, I was a victim, and you could be a victim of the poverty syndrome that makes the poor dejected. Muhammad Yunus writes, “Poor people are bonsai people. There is nothing wrong in their seeds. Simply, society never gave them the base to grow on. All it needs to get the poor people out of poverty for us to create an enabling environment for them. Once the poor can unleash their energy and creativity, poverty will disappear very quickly.” What Muhammad insinuates, is that the society is a supporting factor that oils the engine of poor people, thereby making them stagnant. 

Laying credence to this fact, Mother Teresa explained in one of her notes, “I try to give to the poor people for love what the rich could get for money. No, I wouldn’t touch a leper for a thousand pounds; yet I willingly cure him for the love of God”. She was of the opinion that, love and care are the tools to make the poor fit into the society, and that could be gotten with money when the rich needs them. She would do anything for the poor to recuperate, while the rich will spend to get cured.

E.M Foster says; “We are not concerned with the very poor. They are unthinkable, and only to be approached by the statistician or the poet”. Here, the poor are forgotten, why? They are disgusting, a friend said. They are only remembered when the nation needs their statistics either to compare them to the rich, or for record purpose, but definitely not for economic reform to favor them. And the poet writes about them as inspired by him. This is one of the inspirations that turn a leaflet to the dark side of the world. I say therefore, this life is Bent, that the poor on bended knees cannot afford a Bentley. They walk in dark alleys, subways, bus stations, pathways, under the bridge, beg and take shelter there. Why are they unfortunate? A social media expert says; their fore fathers are lazy, and the laziness brought about the unfortunate circumstance. Can we justify that saying? In my opinion, I believe they are the unfortunate sect that strive to make ends meet, do odd jobs, beg to put food on their table. I have the opinion that most fortunately rich people are not often hardworking, and a reason for the bend. 

Some people however categorize themselves as the average members of the society, but in a case where the economy is bent, they might be a victim of poverty. This is where discretion comes in. We are the product of our society. The leaders that govern us can mar or bless us, and this is an eye opener for an average citizen that is learned. If care is not taken, an average man could turn to a poor man overnight, and a rich man a beggar, so being poor is relative.

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