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How Fear Can Kill My Dream

When I was younger, I used to love the skipping over a rope game. I would watch my sister play, my neighbors compete and that was how my love for the game built up, but I was scared of something, skipping the rope because of fear of losing. There was no time I was called to play the game that I wouldn’t make out excuses like, I don’t like games, I don’t want to fall, the rope is lengthy, the rope is not lengthy enough, and the list goes on and on.

This fear built in me that I practically hated all games. What is this fear? the “Fear of the Unknown” , losing before being defeated! I held grudges within me for my inability to face this monster named fear, but it conquered me times without number, the common ludo game became a PS4 games, the well known WHOT became xbox one games. Little did I know that it was killing my power to explore my abilities, talents and technical expertise. I continued in this manner till I started getting challenged by people that go to training schools to learn what I am good at naturally, then the fire arouse.  The fire to keep walking like the lame that got freed. I started daring things I wouldn’t give a second thought, and the chains of fear started breaking.

There is nothing like “phobia”, we created it in our heads. Fear lives in us because we allowed it in the first place. A timid soul will never be daring, he hides under the canopy of humility, avoidance of I-too-know tag, but all these are EXCELLENT EXCUSES FOR STAGNANCY. I woke up to one reality that, if I do not dare it, I will never get it, be it game, career, extra curricular activities in all facets of life, I will be like a novice who is worse than an illiterate and eventually die with virtues people would have remembered me for. All these put together formed a creative slogan “DON’T LET YOUR INNER ABILITY BECOME YOUR INABILITY”.

In as much as you created fear within you, maybe through a failed attempt, actions of people against you, or your personal defect, you can kill it. That moment you stand up to the task, raise your head high and get focused on the goal, game, project execution, speaking up for your right, whatever it may be that is right, you are heading towards the sky. Competition is a necessity, putting your best in the right way by not getting distracted by your competitors, because in that competition lies the existence of such business, service, career, games and all. DO NOT ALLOW FEAR TO SILENCE YOU FROM ACHIEVING WHAT YOU LOVE, DEAL WITH IT!

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