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Free Lunch

#Dr JTF narrated his ordeal when he visited Freetown which is Sierra Leone’s major urban, economic, financial, cultural, educational and political centre for the first time to discuss about Nigeria. He went with the notion that ‘he who calls a meeting, lunch or a date picks up the bill’, but unfortunately, his Freetown host whom they had the business lunch together showed him the fast rule of ‘ one man for himself’. They both paid for what was on their bill individually. Despite his gazes at the business man, he never felt compelled to pay for our dear Doctor, but he spelt out after the meeting when Dr JTF couldn’t swallow his thoughts but to challenge him that; ” Sorry Doctor that you had to learn it this way, but even though we are in Freetown, but there is no free lunch here. Everyone picks their bill when they go out for lunch whether on invitation or all alone”.

In the business man’s words, it was glaring he knew the attitude of Nigerians towards money. He made known to the Doctor that Nigerians are rich, and can afford to pay for lunch, breakfast or dinner for anyone, and the reverse is the case in Freetown, but I must oppose that most men in Nigeria these days are beginning to take a cue from the Freetown based on their approach to spending. A male friend once posted on his timeline on Facebook, he narrated how he had to make his girlfriend’s friends pay for their orders, and how he was not apologetic about it.

Another encounter with a military man who said and I quote ” Ladies do carry vex money in their pocket in case they get trashed by men”. He asked me, ” Am I right?” I nodded in agreement ” Yes”. Minutes after his statement, I stylishly checked my wallet if I had my ATM card in there before I get knocked out on the table. This is a lesson for any gender. Going out for lunch with a rich friend doesn’t mean you should go out with your hands dangling, please have a backup cash! And to our ladies that are after freebies, we could be a victim of this one of these days, BECAUSE MEN HAVE STARTED DREAMING OF BIGGER THINGS THAN PAYING FOR UNINVITED GUESTS THAT STEAL THEIR MONEY AND ENDED UP NOT MAKING THEIR DATES WORTHWHILE.

MTN, GLO, 9mobile and any telecommunication company wouldn’t give you “awoof” and not find a way to get back their tithe. A MAN WILL NOT GIVE YOU A FREE RIDE AND NOT ASK FOR YOUR SERVICES, ” DIGIT” “FRIENDSHIP” or SOMETHING ELSE, SO, BE CAUTIOUS! 

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