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ECONOMIC CRISIS (an extract from The Radar)

To the layman, production and consumption of goods are natural processes which keep up without verifying the needful, whether in quantity or quality, so long as the goods are readily available. But for the experts, it is perceived from the economic point of view which is the state of a country or region in terms …

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To describe the text

What are the Dangers of Extramarital Affairs? In a world filled with anxieties and uncertainties, most people have their heads bowed in some scandals that shouldn’t have been linked to their personality, and this has made some homes inhabitable for either of the spouse, or both in a tougher case. …

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Islam is a religion of peace, so I heard, and so I want to believe, but these dreaded groups which keep regrouping, rebranding, and recruiting all in the name of the religion stirred a great fright in me, and so my thoughts seem confusing. I pray thee, receive sense! I …

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Ugly Men Desire Beautiful Women Too

It always sounds so interesting when I listen to some qualities most men want to see in women. I have a feeling that women are so close to their screen sitting anxiously to read this little piece put together in the early hours of Tuesday, 7th November, 19:20 hours. On …

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A Rape Case

Just like a rose, a well scented flower she shines through the neighborhood. Her ego was not that of a pride like a peacock, but a humble spirit like a sheep. Softly softly, and gently gently she threads her path, and her songs travel even as far as to the door …

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To describe love

Martin Luther King Jr says he had a dream where his family will be judged by the content of their character and not the colour of their skin. He preached societal love, on the other hand, William Shakespeare in his words says;I always feel happy, you know why? Because I …

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Boko Haram’s Strategy

To describe the sect boko haram

And when the drum of freedom was beaten, the tail of the viper was stepped upon. It was a sound of joy on the first day of October as Nigerians remembered the day they bid their British colonial masters farewell. Billions was spent, merriment took over, the green and white …

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About Bonaparte

It was a long time ago some say, but it’s still so fresh in the mind of some as it was relayed as a story. A tip of the story of a great warrior, Napoleon Bonaparte who was a military general who became the first emperor of France. He fought …

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To show the shape of the earth

Bet whistles, competition at its peak,  a relay at it fastest track, jingling of the bell, and tempest moment. We wouldn’t have started,  but as we did, it brought about the assumptions. Life has never been fair,  and it can never be fair.  It had been like that from the …

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A Letter to Muhammad Buhari

Image of Nigerian President

The emphasis on good governance is vital, and the need for collective change and responsibility are germane as well. In this context,  here is a piece from the desk of a Nigerian citizen aspiring to see an effective change to president Muhammadu BuhariPrince Michael Nku Abuo (JP) wrote; PrologueFunny as …

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